Why write now?

Life is like an ever running film reel. You cannot press pause. You can’t rewind. Good days. Terrible days. Ho-hum, vanilla days. Try as we might to live in the moment, time escapes us, and today soon blurs and blends into yesterday, last month, three years ago.

Writing has always helped keep my thoughts in order. Capturing snippets of my life is just my way of hitting pause and rewinding time back to a specific day or event.

So, that is precisely the “why” behind this blog. I plan to capture life moments, my progression through pregnancy, the exciting and sometimes nerve-racking¬†experience of starting a family, my opinions on (fill in the blank), recipes, my fitness goals, and everyday adventures.

Feel free to follow along on this wild, unpredictable, and of course always rad and happy journey that is my life.