Mid-year Update

Hello September!

I feel as though I set my intentions for 2017 just yesterday, and yet here we are nine months into the year. Summer is steadily coming to an end—Well, it may not seem that way if you’re in the eternally sunny Southwest like me—and with it brings a desire to look back on my goals.


Goodness, I was still pregnant when I wrote Shiny & New. I stayed super active all throughout my pregnancy, and to be honest, that caused me to set up the expectation of maintaining a high level of activity postpartum. Little did I know just how flip-turned-upside down my world would be after having a little.

I’ve had my physical ups and downs these past nearly six months since my little guy made his grand—and early—entrance into this world. There was a time when he was just a teeny little mush ball that slept 18 hours a day, and getting a workout in was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I rocked 21 Day Fix like it was going out of style for good! Haven’t heard of it? It’s one of the many workout plans under the Beachbody umbrella. I tweaked the dietary portion to suit my nutritional needs, because as a breastfeeding mama weight loss shouldn’t be on the brain.

Then, as polar opposite as the pendulum could swing, he went through a very rough, very colicky phase. Cuddling him close while rocking in the glider was just about the only thing that soothed him. I hardly left my bedroom, so needless to say, I wasn’t very active at all during that phase. Looking back, breaking a sweat daily would have been a great way to take the edge off, unwind, and access that sweet endorphin-induced nirvana. Colic is seriously no joke. Hearing your baby cry inconsolably for hours and hours each day is just enough to crack even the toughest mamma. But, we got through it sans exercise. And come on, look at that little face! How can you truly mind days on days on days of baby cuddles, even if it does mean being confined to a chair?! 

Baby Boy J (1 of 1)Gosh, he has grown so much since this picture was taken!

Long gone are those crazy colicky days. Thank goodness! Nowadays, he has finally settled into a mostly predictable routine. Which means . . . mamma gets to schedule her workouts! Gasp! Planning ahead like a mom boss who has her stuff together! Who me??

This past week, I laced up my running kicks for the first time since getting pregnant! My joints are still extremely hyper mobile, and everything hurts. Hips. Knees. Feet. Even my ankles ache. While I am a seasoned runner, I found it absolutely necessary—for the love of my super achy joints—to strip my runs down to the very basics. I am not ashamed to admit that I have started using the Couch to 5K training app. While geared towards beginning runners, the back-to-basics approach and gentle mileage build up is just what my tender post-baby body needs.


Oh man . . . I am mildly embarrassed to admit that my edited goal of reading 30 books in 2017 has in fact turned out to also be a bit too lofty for this season of my life. This whole being a new mom thing has seriously thrown me for so much more of a loop than I ever expected. It has truly been humbling in the best of ways!

I have checked my ego, and am setting a more realistic—all fingers, toes, and limbs crossed—goal of reading 20 books by the end of the year. So far, I have ready seven, am currently reading two (pictured below. image credit: Amazon) , and have 11 more in my to-read queue.



I can’t even remember how I happened upon the SRT study bible, but as soon as my little eyes spied it, I just had to buy it! Where you ask? Why Amazon, of course!

Not only is it beautifully made, but it has a reading plan built right into it!

For the past several months, my studies have revolved around Gateway’s livestream and YouTube video sermons. I plan to block time out each week to integrate reading once again.

SRT (1 of 1)

Practicing patience was huge on my list for this year . . . And well, having a baby has certainly taught me more than a thing or two in this category. While I am far from being the most patient person alive, I am much more able to check my impatience at any given moment.

My last goal had to do with testing out more new recipes more often. This just has me laughing to be honest. How I thought I could cook regularly with a newborn escapes me.

For months and month, fixing myself a cup of coffee in the morning was about as involved as I could get in the kitchen. When you have a baby that loves, craves, and even demands being held, grab-and-go foods are all you can get by on. That has been my experience at least. I know there are super moms out there that are able to bring a new baby into the world without skipping a beat in the domestic realm. This is very not me my friends.

Just recently—I’d say in the past month—I’ve finally been able to test out simple recipes here and there. Banana bread. Carrot zucchini bread. Sheet pancakes. Garlic shrimp. So, that’s a start.


Lot of changes. Lots of adapting my goals to fit life as it is today. Still, I am happy with all the progress I’ve made . . . And to be honest, how much I have been able to roll with the changes. Not so rigid now are we?

How does your mid-year assessment line up with your original goals for the year?