I Am Enough


Mom. Wife. Sister. Aunt. Daughter. Dad. Husband. Brother. Uncle. Son. Friend. Employee. Boss. Citizen.

We wear many hats on any given day. Hats that require our energy. Energy to care for others. To hold down a business. To make a living.

In the midst of it all, it’s easy to feel like Atlas, condemned to hold up the sky for all eternity. Bearing the weight of our world in a silent struggle.

Enter social media. The platform of picturesque perfection.

Women sitting down to daily quiet time. Entirely uninterrupted. Beautiful, handcrafted coffee mug in hand. A pitcher of fresh flowers nearby. Sweet, cherub-like children sleeping peacefully or playing quietly in the other room.

Men and women, flawlessly clothed and styled, even after a long, hard day’s work. Home just in time for a homemade, sit-down dinner around the kitchen table.

The comparison game is so, so easy these days.

What’s easier still is feeling like not enough. And not good enough.

Not . . . successful, attractive, trim, smart . . . enough.

Not a good enough: parent, spouse, friend, business partner . . .

Simply not enough.

I am here to gently remind you that no one’s life is as picture-perfect as pictured.

You don’t know what goes unseen outside the camera’s perspective. Whether that oh-so-put-together women feels just as lost and alone as you, despite her award-winning smile. That the flawlessly set table and home cooked meal was eaten in silence. That one partner rushed home to ensure dinner was ready and on the table . . . And the other walked in 45 minutes late. Long after dinner went cold. And into an emotional boxing ring.

The point is, we just don’t know. A picture is just that. A picture. A moment forever frozen. A picture that ironically does not represent the entire picture.

So, if you’re feeling not enough today, I invite you take a few moments wherever you are.

Take a deep breath in.


And remember: You weren’t meant to be everything to everyone. But you were made to be enough to those who matter. You were made to be you. And you are enough.

Write it on a post it. Make it today’s affirmation. It doesn’t matter how you remember it. Just remember. And don’t forget it.

You. Are. Enough.

I am enough.

We are enough.



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