New Year. Same Girl.

the down-low

I probably say this every year, and I will say it again: I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. Never really have been. At least not along the thread of the norm. The idea of changing in order to be better. I get the intent behind it, I guess, but what I hear is: You aren’t good enough, and therefore, MUST change!

What I am a fan of is goal-setting. Tomayto, tomahto? Perhaps. But I don’t think so. The difference I see is that I LIKE ME. I’ve growth rather fond of myself over the past 32 years (and counting). And while I believe there is always room for tweaks and growth—maybe a little lacquer to freshen things up as I age—I don’t think 2017 me (or the me of previous years) is half bad. And therefore, I don’t want to transform her into a completely new & improved version . . .  

This year, my goal list was drafted up in about 3 minutes. Maybe it’s because becoming a mom has forced my brain to cough up ideas at a much quicker speed than before. Brain: You either have something to contribute in 2.5 seconds, or you don’t and baby now needs attending to, so the moment for genius has now passed. The end . . . Or perhaps, since I’m already working on everything listed, they just naturally came spilling from my brain. Then again, there’s the idea that mom life has actually fried my brain and I have no new thoughts to contribute. So the ease of these thoughts is actually due to reduced creative capacity.

Whatever the case, I embrace it!

So without further dilly-dallying . . .

*drum roll, please*

I present to you, my 2018 G.O.A.L.S.

  • Lean further into faith. Daily study through a mix of: the Verse of the Day delivered right to my phone & watch, SRT guided readings, daily devotionals sent to my inbox, and podcasts. 
  • Be present for my family. Limiting phone and computer use when I’m with Bubs and/or the hubs. Even if it means not taking as many pictures, or staying up-to-date with calls, texts, social media, etc . . .
  • Embracing the fact that my post-baby body is different. Stamina. Tone. Proportions. And realizing that none of this is bad or ugly or not enough. Not focusing on numbers: weight, size.
  • Living to be my healthiest. Not my slimmest. Fastest. Most toned. Or any other variant of not good enough.
  • Eating for health and for happiness. Banishing C.H.E.A.T. from my tongue and thoughts. Fueling up with what makes my body and mind FEEL good.
  • Read! Real Life is the key to this year’s book goal. 15. That’s 1 book a month, with 3 more sprinkled in throughout the year. Too basic for some. Realistic for where I’m at in life right now.
  • Nurturing my freelance business. Being mindful that my focus is still on Baby. Significant growth may not be in the cards for this year, and that is okay. If it is, then wonderful.

I always hear the phrase, “This will be my best year yet!” around this time of the year. For me, the past several years have been wonderful. I’m not looking to top 2017 but instead, build on the happiness that is in my life.



1 thought on “New Year. Same Girl.”

  1. Great read! I think a lot of people have this mind set that we need to change ourselves – but really resolutions should be a chance to do the things that we always wanted to do and work on being happier and more comfortable with who they are.


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