Rock Your World

Have you ever felt the undeniable draw (read: need) to make a big change? I’m not talking about updating your hair style or repainting your great room. I’m talking rock-your-whole-world-and-shake-it-upside-down-until-all-those-firmly-placed-pieces-fall-free-then-turn-it-all-right-side-up-again big . . .

I have.

In the past month my husband and I took that feeling and leapt right out into the deep, dark unknown that is the future. As I type, we are just three days away from leaving everything we’ve known for the past 15 years to move half way across the country.

Our whole life is changing.

Our home. The first house we purchased together and where we started our family. Sold and traded for renting. At least until we’re settled and ready to buy again.

Our comfort. There is definitely something exciting and nerve-wracking about trading in a steady position for an opportunity at a new company.

Our city. The city we know like the back of our hand. A radius of familiarity that includes all our favorite hiking and camping spots, coffee shops, restaurants . . . We will definitely have to get out and explore our new stomping grounds!

Our tribe. Family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances . . . It all adds up to the people in your daily life.

Sounds crazy yet?

I mean, who uproots their stable, comfortable way of life for the complete unknown? My husband and I agree that we may be a little crazy, but when you know you’re meant to do something, meant to be somewhere, meant to make the biggest change yet . . . there is no fighting it.

Our life in boxes.


. . . And more boxes.
It’s so strange to think we won’t be coming back here.

To all the adventures we haven’t yet embarked on. And to stepping out into the great, big unknown.