Cozy Coffee Catchups, Life

Cozy Coffee Catchups

Imagine we’re sitting in a cozy, sunlight living room. Comfortably tucked into oversized hug-your-body chairs. Snuggled up to fashionably fuzzy pillows. A stylish coffee table between us. Two jumbo mugs of steaming coffee within arm’s reach.

If we were sipping coffee together I’d tell you . . .

All about my little man’s red-hot fire truck birthday party, and how I still can’t believe that I’m the mom of a TWO year old . . . The weekend went so well! My in-laws flew in Friday evening and we all met up with my SIL’s family for a big family dinner at one of our local Tex-mex restaurants. Let me tell you, my kid can PUT AWAY chips, beans, and rice!! . . . Despite a bit of confusion about Saturday plans and a minor internal stress moment on my end—Let’s face it, a) I get really thrown off when plans are sprung on me last minute AND b) it compounds my anxiety when I already have plans and this happens—the kinks were smoothed out without any hurt feelings. Everyone hung out at our house and enjoyed a casual brunch while the kiddos played, which allowed me to begin baking early in the day (meaning I wouldn’t have to pull a late-nighter) without missing out on hanging with the family . . . And then there was the big day. Little man slept in until 9 am and asked for ‘mustins’ (muffins, which is what he calls cupcakes) right away! The look on his face when he came out to see the house decked out with streamers and fire trucks is one I will hold in my heart for so many years to come. It’s funny how long the day felt, although his party only lasted about two hours! I think it’s safe to say the kids all played themself into good naps . . . And wore the adults out, because everyone in our house took a nap later that afternoon!

And while I’m not one for mindless chatter about the weather, I’d have to mention just how enamored with this spring weather I am. Hello sandals!! While it also means making keeping up with my at-home pedis, I am more than willing to swap boot season for barefoot days! Move over socks, I don’t need ya anymore! Plus, the warmer weather means more outside time with little man. Walks to the park and rides around the block in his ‘big Jeep’ make for a happy mini man and happy mama!

I’d ask if you’re reading anything interesting at the moment, and tell you how I’m not as far into High Performance Habits as I expected to be . . . But in the best of ways. I typically set a pace for myself with each book I crack open. The number of pages divided by the number of days to finish within for a daily-number-of-pages-to-read goal. Super nerdy? Maybe, but hey that’s me . . . With HPH however, I realized early in that it isn’t the kind of book to simply blaze through. At least not for me, considering each section ends with a set of questions that require inner reflection and aspirational thinking. It’s the sort of book to journal along with. I’m not sure how long it will take me to get through it, although my goal is to have it finished before baby is here . . . Because I’m going to be 100% realistic here. I don’t expect to get much self-development in for a while after he’s born.

I’d let you in on my current mental weather . . . Sunny with a cool breeze . . . With just 10 weeks until my due date, the reality still hasn’t quite set in. Mom of TWO. Boy mom. Mother of kids (plural!!) . . . Excited? Yes. But it’s the kind of excitement when you’re anticipating something that feels too far out to be real. Prepared? As much as I can be mentally. Room wise? Not at all. I mean, he has a room. The current decor aesthetic is rocking chair, dresser, and a stack of boxes. I suppose I should start unpacking, doing laundry, and preparing soon . . .

My face when you ask me if the nursery is done.

And since we’re already on the topic of preparing for baby, I’d mention how my hospital bag has been top of mind lately. I guess that means I’m mentally preparing more than I give myself credit. Ironically, I had everything purchased for my hospital bag when I went into spontaneous labor with Little J . . . It just wasn’t washed or packed . . . That could be why I’m feeling lead to get my bag prepared early this pregnancy. I have almost everything I’d like to bring this time. Almost. An Amazon order or two will do the trick. You know, this may have just given me an idea for my next post!

What have you been up to since our last coffee chat?


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